Culinary Journey: Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern Fusion

Sales sell meals consisting of different components. Culinary is responsible for producing these dishes. During our LSG Sky Chefs’ Global Sales Conference in Istanbul (Turkey), Sales and Culinary Excellence joined forces and broke with this typical division of work. We – the Culinary Excellence Team – invited our sales colleagues to develop a menu together for a long-haul flight.

Culinary Excellence | LSG Sky Chefs Blog | Jörg TüttelmannA development from scratch: Who is our customer? What are the brand values of the customer? Are there national culinary preferences? Meals will be served on which routes at what time and in which flight class?

The group was split into three teams: starter, main course and dessert. The teams went through the whole development process together, looking for possible synergies between other menus and even created a new food guiding thread. The result was a fusion between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. My personal highlights, the mezze interpretation and the lamb main course.

Culinary Excellence | LSG Sky Chefs Blog | Jörg TüttelmannWhat amazed me most was the precise planning and enthusiasm that went into this workshop, lasting three hours each on two consecutive days. During the cooking on day two, it really felt like being in an à la carte restaurant kitchen as the deadline came near. The room was full of energy and the teams geared up to deliver excellent food on time. And how they delivered!

All the participants at the conference gathered as the food and the DNA (meaning the story behind the dish) of the meals were explained by the proud teams.

Both the food and DNA were so good that we will now start working on the implementation of this theme for one of our valued customers.

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself!

Culinary regards,

Jörg Tüttelmann

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