Culinary Journey: Latin America

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Latin American Regional Culinary Program. Fernando Balsano, Director Culinary Excellence Brazil & Latin America, and I spent three days with the head chefs and executive chefs from the region.

Latin America | Culinary Excellence | LSG Sky ChefsWith Peruvian cuisine finding focus around the world at the moment, we used this global culinary trend to develop new dishes. This ethnic cuisine is spreading globally on restaurant tables. Coya, for example, is a modern Peruvian restaurant that opened in London just four years ago, and now also has locations in Dubai and Miami. As The Daily Telegraph reported on the best modern Peruvian places to go in London, I’m sure there will be more to come and discover of this exciting culture.

Latin America | Culinary Excellence | LSG Sky ChefsBesides our actual cooking and working on recipes, Fernando and I also shared and discussed the results of our recent Global Program meet-up with the regional chefs – ideas, such as new cooking methods for protein and the new global standards for basic products. In my previous work for other companies I did similar projects and the chefs were always very critical about change and uniform approach. At LSG this is different; everybody is full of support for all our initiatives.

Latin America | Culinary Excellence | LSG Sky ChefsThis makes me very confident that we can meet our aim of continually improving for our customers worldwide. Let me close this post in writing that it was an honor to work with the Latin team! They are truly dedicated to their culinary work and very professional in achieving the best results for our customers and willing to adapt to change. Sharing best practices globally and implementing them in our local kitchens, this is the right recipe for the success.

Culinary regards,

Jörg Tüttelmann

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