Culinary Journey: Frozen Delights

Ready-made frozen meals – I was never really a fan. So I was quite skeptical about the product portfolio and the use of frozen meals in airline catering when I visited my colleagues in LSG Sky Chefs’ frozen food facility in Alzey, Germany.

Frozen Business Class MealsBut – my colleagues convinced me! They offered me a variety of hot meals ranging from Tourist Class to First Class, from steak to pasta and even fish dishes. After tasting about 25 different meals – Western style as well as Chinese and Indian dishes – I can honestly say that I am now a convinced that frozen meals are a worthy alternative for our customers.

What convinced me? rice dishes are ideal for the reheating process and are good in texture and taste. A steak dish also convinced me because of the perfect cooking temperature after reheating. For our airline customers, frozen meals offer a lot of advantages such as consistency, reliability, authenticity and delivering high volume.

What I learned from my colleagues is that it is essential for a frozen meal to be defrosted and reheated according to the instructions. In fact, we all know this from home: When we don’t follow cooking instructions, the meals will not be as expected.

Culinary regards


About Jörg

Berlin, London, Hong Kong or Sydney – the culinary world will never be big enough for Jörg. He joined LSG Sky Chefs in 2013 to drive culinary ideas, concepts and trends but also to establish a worldwide Executive Chef organization and to create meal standards. Inspired by food, flavors and finesse, Jörg is always looking for attention to detail resulting in perfection. Scouting trends, testing new dishes, Jörg will take on every challenge. At home, he enjoys classic dishes such as Peruvian chevice in the summer or French classics, accompanied by a glass of Champagne.

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