LSG Group x The Best Chef Awards 2020: Now Online

The global partnership continues amidst the pandemic, keeping our chefs on the pulse of what’s new.

The LSG Group is proud to support the decision of The Best Chef Awards to go virtual. Under this new format, live conferences will be available for anyone to join free-of-charge.

Earlier this year, we announced that the LSG Group would be an official partner of The Best Chef Awards 2020, an annual event recognizing the top chefs from around the world.

However, due to the global pandemic, the three-day event will instead be hosted online. The Best Chef Awards organization came to the decision in consideration of the participants’ safety and with coronavirus guidelines in mind.

“It seems particularly important in this moment of great difficulty for the hospitality industry to keep going,” said Cristian Gadau, Creative and Culinary Director from The Best Chef Awards, about the decision. “Stopping would have meant giving up, and giving up is a negative message to the new generations who are the driving force behind this project. By doing this, we hope to provide a message of strength and positivity.”

Similarly, the aviation industry has been severely affected by the pandemic. But the focus is now on moving forward. Jörg Hofmann, Head of Global Culinary Excellence at LSG Group, said: “There has been a lot of abrupt changes in demands and needs. But we’ve been serving food onboard for over 75 years; we will continue to adapt and grow as we always have.”

“Area Talks” and “Food Meets Science”, discussion panels that focus on emerging trends and the necessity of technology respectively, will still go on as planned. Chefs from all over the world will lead the talks with their experiences, and anyone is welcome to join.

Through this partnership, the LSG Group maintains a global network that brings new insight. Working with the top chefs, Hofmann said, will allow us to come up with innovative solutions that fit customers’ future needs. He added: “As chefs, we are always looking for ways to be better and create new experiences. So it’s important for us to be in constant dialogue with chefs who are always rethinking and improving how we do things – now more than ever.”

The Best Chef Awards 2020 will take place on September 21 to 23.

To register for the “Food Meets Science” conference (September 21), click here. To register for the “Area Talks” discussion panel (September 22), click here.

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