Behind the Scenes: Preparations for Lounge Opening in JFK

Hello everyone,

I am currently in the USA – New York City to be exact. Here at JFK airport, we have just taken over the Lufthansa First Class, Business (Silver) and Senator (Gold) lounges!

While in NYC, my mission is to support the lounge startup team as much as possible. We began operating the JFK lounge on October 1st and we literally took over the entire business overnight while the lounge was closed. As you can imagine, this was a huge challenge in terms of logistics and preparation!

For example, the team and I spent all day Sunday unpacking and sorting all the goods for the lounge, including equipment, cutlery, porcelain, glasses, and various food items. We did all of this organization in our airline catering unit at the airport because the lounge does not have a large enough warehouse. And, of course, because the lounge was still being operated by our competitor!

In the end, we prepared six ready-packed pallets loaded with goods to help us save time during the startup. Even with the stress of the tight schedule, we still had to be very cautious. Part of the equipment we were handling included the handmade porcelain for the First Class lounge. This fine china is really precious and stems from renowned German manufacturer Hering Berlin. Luckily, nothing got broken!

I’ve got to leave now, but I’ll post some more about the preparations in JFK as soon as I can.

Take care,

To read the press release ‘LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH Expands in the U.S.’ click here

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