August: Plating beef tartar with a German twist

The beef tartar has made its way around Europe, and with so many existing variations in South America, North America and the African continent, how can LSG Group add its own localized flair?

By serving it alongside the familiar Frankfurt Green sauce, made exclusively with seven herbs that comes together in a perfectly creamy blend.

While the fresh tenderloin, seasoned with the salty and sour taste of capers and pickles, is delicious on its own, Chef Jörg Hofmann’s addition of the seven herbs is definitely the perfect touch.


But hey, we might be a little biased!

Curious about July? Click here to read all about our sentimental throwback with cauliflower and broccoli a la polonaise.

P.S.: We’re sure you’re all familiar with the beef tartar, a classic meat starter. The version depicted in the LSG Group calendar lives up to the highest standards both in terms of Culinary Excellence and culinary quality. To ensure safe use in airline catering, our chefs prepare it from cut, marinated beef and conduct additional laboratory tests on it.

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