The LSG Group and Barilla extend their collaboration

Hamburg, Germany – Erdmann Rauer (CEO, LSG Group) and Francesco Del Porto (Chief Customer Officer, Barilla Group) signed a supply and cooperation agreement at the World Travel Catering Expo (WTCE), which will gradually extend the collaboration between their two companies through the year 2023.

This long-term partnership will focus on Barilla pasta ready meals that will be sold exclusively through Evertaste, the LSG Group’s expert brand for packaged products. The packaging and taste of the meals have been adapted according to the special requirements of flight operations, so that they can be offered to passengers on flights with onboard retail, for example. By following the enclosed instructions, the pre-cooked pasta can be served al dente.

The following Barilla products are being offered only for onboard sale, while more recipes are under development in order to extend the range: Maccheroni alla Bolognese and Maccheroni Pomodoro e Basilico.

The agreement signed in Hamburg between the LSG Group and Barilla includes, in addition to the gradual expansion of sales volumes, a permanent joint effort in terms of product innovation. Both companies will use feedback from customers and passengers to further grow their offerings. They will also work closely together on developing pasta and bakery products.

“We at the LSG Group are excited about this fascinating collaboration,” said Erdmann Rauer. “The culinary expertise of Barilla, a company that stands like few others for the authenticity of Italian cuisine, and our extensive knowledge about the requirements of the aviation industry complement each other perfectly.”

“The fact that the LSG Group is helping us offer Barilla products on airplanes enables us to provide passengers with an attractive and, above all, tasty experience,” added Francesco Del Porto. “We are very proud of this opportunity.”

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