A Culinary Journey at the WTCE 2016

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Alois Strobl

A Culinary Journey at the Expo

For many people, a visit to an expo involves covering lots of ground and having many discussions and meetings. Rarely do people get the chance to make time for a break to enjoy some delicious food. However, if you visit the LSG Group stand at the WTCE in Hamburg, we would be delighted to take you with us on a culinary journey.

We will be offering different dishes depending on the time of day, but these will not just be any old dishes. Each of our creations will tell a story relating to aspects of a lifestyle, product, preparation technique, serving arrangement or, perhaps, even to a partner with whom we have worked to develop a particular product – in some cases, specifically for this expo.

Masters of Our Craft

Once the expo concept was agreed upon, we sat down together as the Culinary Excellence team and brainstormed about how we could support this stand concept gastronomically. We put a great deal of time into developing the special expo menus so that we could effectively demonstrate at the WTCE that we – the LSG Group – are masters of our craft and appeal to all of the senses through our creations. The food becomes an experience – and not just for visitors to our stand! All of the creations we serve can be presented to passengers on board an aircraft or train in similar manner.

LSG Sky Chefs Blog Culinary Excellence Alois Strobl (left), Stefan Grammel (middle) Jörg Hoffmann (right) during Test Cooking for WTCE
Alois Strobl (left), Stefan Grammel (middle) Jörg Hoffmann (right) during Test Cooking for WTCE

Our menus follow the three consumer trends we have observed worldwide: classic, natural & local, and inspiring. These three lifestyle variants will be reflected in the products and services showcased at our stand and in our menus.

Telling a Story

Many guests last year were positively surprised by our “woodland walk” theme. We are planning another special lunch menu this year. I am not allowed to say any more just yet, but we would be delighted to explain the ideas behind it to you at the expo. We will be offering a number of options in between meals, including some sweet fast food, a unique sandwich and a traditional snack that’s been reinterpreted – prepare to be surprised!

I am particularly excited that the kitchen in which we will prepare and serve the meals will again form the center of the stand. Our guests will be able to watch us and, of course, ask questions. Who do I mean by “us”? We’ll be a team of around ten chefs, drawn from all over the LSG Sky Chefs world. Some of the chefs are involved in product development, but we will also have colleagues on the WTCE team who work in one of our many kitchens and demonstrate their expertise there.

We look forward to your visit at the WTCE in Hamburg, Hall A1, Stand 1G30.

Culinary greetings,

Alois Strobl

Alois Strobl is a trained chef who joined LSG Sky Chefs in 1983 after holding various positions in the hotel industry. He began his career at LSG Sky Chefs’ international unit at Frankfurt Airport as a Commis de Cuisine. In the years that followed, he held various operational and administrative positions in the areas of product development and concept design. Alois Strobl has been in his current role since 2015. His favorite dish is knuckle of veal with red cabbage and dumplings.

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