Railway catering and onboard services - integrated concepts for a seamless passenger experience.

The LSG Group has offered advanced rail services to train operators for over a decade  with a wide range of products and train services, including onboard-sales strategies, onboard-retail catering and staffing.

Our expertise helps to ensure happy passengers and seamless, enjoyable train travel for passengers, the crew and you.

We work with you to create quality, customized onboard concepts that showcase your brand and enhance the passenger experience. By carefully considering the whole journey – from reservation to destination – we help you present a consistent brand image that maximizes opportunities at all passenger touchpoints.

  • Onboard retail management: We optimize onboard retail by positioning your brand’s offers, developing and implementing retail concepts and overseeing procurement. You can also rely on our expert category management and communication strategies.
  • Optimizing crew performance: We handle every aspect of train crew management, from recruitment to training and uniforms. And because the best crews provide the best passenger experience, we invest in their development with ongoing performance management and incentive programs.
  • Efficient warehousing and last-mile logistics: For us, success means guaranteeing product availability while reducing waste and loss. For this, we rely on optimal storage solutions, efficient pick-and-pack processes and outstanding last-mile logistics. Waste management is essential to this, as is optimized onboard storage.
  • Digital processes: We use proven IT solutions to keep our day-to-day systems running smoothly. Crew planning is carried out digitally, inventories are in real time and sales reports are digitally produced. We also have control procedures in place such as digital system monitoring and quality checks.
  • Maximize ancillary revenue: We help you realize the potential of ancillary revenue sources by arranging additional services such as lodging, car rentals, entertainment and personalized itineraries.

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Prepared meals and snacks to delight customers wherever they are.

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