Enriching food and services experiences for people on the go.

The LSG Group’s expert brands are specialized in solutions in train and airline catering, convenience food solutions and airport lounge services.

We listen closely to our customers’ individual needs to facilitate the best solution for them. Sometimes this means referring them to the right experts, and other times this means acting as an integrator – pooling the skills of our expert brands to create a holistic solution.
Our core expert brands are:

LSG Sky Chefs is one of the world’s largest brands for airline catering, train catering, and hospitality.

Supports airlines and train operators with:

  • End-to-end train and airline catering programs:
    Holistic food and beverage concepts caring for passengers from the moment they enter the airport to when they exit at their destination
  • Solutions for every price class:
    From full tray menus to premium onboard dining
  • Last-mile logistics:
    Getting food reliably onboard on time – every time
  • Crew training:
    Training crews to successfully create memorable onboard culinary experiences
  • Hospitality and airport lounge services:
    Managing airport lounges and delighting visitors

Evertaste offers a full range of food-to-go products, including sandwiches, pre-packaged meals, or new creative culinary concepts developed in consultation with the customer.
Supports airlines, train operators and convenience retailers with:

  • A wide range of convenience-food solutions:
    From sandwiches to boxed meals and bespoke food-to-go solutions
  • Creative food offerings:
    Varied choice thanks to trend scouting, workshops and an international R&D network
  • Flexible and dependable food-to-go production:
    Reliable packing and assembly of all convenience-meal solutions for any temperature zone
  • International logistics:
    Forecasting, stock and supply chain management and distribution

Retail inMotion is an industry-leading onboard-retail service provider, serving airline and train customers with dedicated products, services and technology specially designed for the travel industry.

Supports airlines and train operators with:

  • Onboard retail:
    Bespoke onboard retail solutions, including product selection, training and award-winning design
  • Innovative proprietary technology:
    Modern and pioneering solutions to maximize ancillary revenue
  • Excellent selection of products:
    Expertly designed to impress passengers in a competitive travel marketplace

SPIRIANT is the market-leading equipment and logistics specialist trusted to add value to airlines and train operators by designing equipment that delights all users – enhancing the passenger experience, satisfying crews through its practicality and ease of use, and pleasing customers with its durability and return on investment.
Supports airlines and train operators with:

  • Wide range of onboard equipment selected to minimize ecological impact:
    From premium tableware, amenity kits and comfort items, to onboard essentials for all classes of travel – all items can be made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Customized concepts based on our decades of experience:
    Design, engineering and delivery of onboard products and equipment based on considerable expertise resulting in fully optimized supply chain
  • Global expert service network:
    Extensive network and proven IT systems translate into extensive buying power and efficient logistics

Beyond the four expert brands, the following regional brands are part of the LSG Group portfolio.

SCIS Air Security

SCIS Air Security is a premier airline services company. This brand has an established reputation for its catering security, aircraft security and cargo security services and is the largest catering-security company in the United States. With almost 1,000 employees in over 60 offices located in 39 major U.S. airports, SCIS Air Security protects more than 60 domestic and international airlines every day.


Ringeltaube is a collection of retail stores located at airports across Germany, catering exclusively to airport and airline staff. Similar to a small department store, these outlets carry clothes, cosmetics, food, housewares, travel items and a broad selection of international wines, beer, soft drinks and spirits. A wider range of products is available through the Ringeltaube website.

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