A great organization is more than the sum of its parts.

We are proud of the work we do. Every customer and every project is special to us.

These examples are just a handful of successful projects where we know the LSG Group and its expert brands have benefitted our customers.

Operating in nearly 60 countries worldwide, we enjoy a truly global presence with the largest network of production sites and fulfillment centers in the industry.

Airline market solution

We supported a Latin American airline by developing an onboard experience concept that comprised food, beverages and snacks, as well as onboard equipment. It was designed to have an international look and feel while also reflecting the airline’s proud local heritage. The concept enhanced the passenger experience and aimed to improve the airline’s Skytrax rating.

Experience matters, and our more than 75 years in the travel industry have given us plenty. Our diverse global workforce includes employees from over 100 countries, unique skillsets and advanced market intelligence, which gives us the expertise to deliver what our clients need.


We drive innovation across all our business areas, including convenience retail. It is important that our products and services speak to customer needs, so we actively identify and pursue appropriate opportunities.

Convenience retail market solution

As a global food-solutions provider, we are used to meeting specific customer needs, serving major global convenience-retail chains, as well as global coffee-shop players for many years.

In 2018, we were able to use our expertise to win a new customer from the global oil industry. We worked closely with them to develop the overall concept, as well as to co-create products. The concept proved a great success from the start, with a 25 % increase in sales month by month. We will continue building on our success with this global player in other countries.

Our over 34,000 employees have the dedication and insight to master every challenge they face on a day-to-day basis. We focus on quality, efficiency, reliability, durability and safety to ensure we always deliver what we promise.

Solution for the “Airlines” market

Our integrated solution for galley and onboard storage planning makes handovers more efficient and makes it easier for crews to quickly find the items they need during service. High-quality data and full transparency improve communication between the airline product manager, caterer and cabin crew, ultimately reducing required resources and costs.

Planning, implementation, or ongoing operations: we work hand in hand with our customers and partners for success at every stage of our business. This provides a wide scope for collaboration, including everything from support on co-creation projects to facilitating complete end-to-end solutions – and even exciting joint ventures.

Solution for the “Airlines” market

We collaborated closely with an international airline in South America to develop and introduce a brand-new onboard retail concept. Through well-coordinated collaboration, we achieved a complete changeover in five countries in just six months. The resulting service optimization reduced costs, boosted the airline’s image and improved passenger choice.

We enrich food and service experiences with quality catering and food innovation. Through state-of-the art processes, our best-in-class experts leverage consumer insight to develop new products and concepts that delight consumers.

Solution for the “Airlines” market

Nutritionists and chefs in our culinary excellence team developed the FlyYourVeda® concept to offer passengers healthy food that would promote wellbeing on long-haul flights. Each ingredient used is selected for its positive effect on the body (relaxing or energizing), while also accounting for environmental conditions, such as lower air pressure and humidity. This concept can be implemented in every travel class.

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