World Safety Day 2019 in Cairo

The Cairo unit has continued pushing forward in their efforts to promote and maintain safe work – and this was made clear with the hosting of Safety Day 2019.

On May 2, our joint venture LSG Sky Chefs in Cairo held their own Global Safety Day event at the facility, where external stakeholders were present. Participants included Ahemd El Khaiary, Corporate Safety Director Egypt Air, Atef Saleh, Fire Chief Cairo Airport, Gamal El Gindy, Quality Manager Cairo Airport and Mohamed Saad, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) Inspection Department Manager Cairo airport.

The invitation roster is, of course, no coincidence. Everyone in attendance was an expert who each has a part to play in ensuring smooth and safe operations from start to end. Together with our Cairo-based colleagues, they attended workshops that fostered better communication and understanding between everyone.

Whilst it was a local effort, the event was organized in commemoration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an annual United Nations campaign endorsing safe and healthy work.

“The event was very well-received,” said Manager Health and Safety LSG Sky Chefs Cairo Mohamed Ramadan. “Especially because it was the first of its kind in our unit. Not only did everyone enjoy it, the external parties also recognized our solid safety system.”

“Organizing our own Safety Day was key in demonstrating the commitment we have to safe and healthy workplace practices. Bringing all the local experts together was necessary to cultivate an understanding but also keep us moving forward and staying inspired,” added Stefan Doenni, General Manager LSG Sky Chefs Catering Egypt S.A.E.

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