Ruby Chocolate – A New Type of Sweet

The launch of the ruby chocolate, the “fourth type of chocolate”, was highly anticipated by chocolate lovers around the world. Amongst them was our very own pastry chef, Mathieu Castex, who IMG_6274blog2had to wait until September 2018 before the product was available in Germany. Now that the wait is over, he has created a dessert with the pink chocolate.
But before getting into the details, you might be wondering: What does pink chocolate taste like? “If you close your eyes and savor the chocolate, the first sensation you get is a taste similar to milk chocolate. This initial sweetness is followed by a pleasant acidity and berry flavors,” describes Mathieu. The berry conveniently matches the color of the chocolate. Neither one of those special attributes requires any type of artificial aroma or color. Instead, the pink color of the chocolate derives from the “ruby cocoa bean”.


Creating a dish

When creating a dessert with the ruby chocolate, Mathieu had to consider that the chocolate changes color when it’s mixed with other ingredients that lower the IMG_6486blog2acidity level too much. However, balancing the acid with lemon juice or any other citric acid would affect the taste and the product itself, which immediately eliminated this approach as an option for him. But when used as a single ingredient, the chocolate is a perfect garnishment or decoration. You could find it on your plate in the form of spirals, puffed chocolate, leaves or aerated chocolate. It could also be hidden inside a praline with a more creamy texture.Mathieu Castex LSG Sky Chefs

Ruby chocolate at InnoTrans 2018

To present the chocolate to our customers and dessert lovers at InnoTrans, Mathieu created a dessert for LSG Sky Chefs to display at the InnoTrans 2018. He paired the ruby chocolate with strawberry, basil and pistachio as those ingredients, among flowers and other berries, complement the berry notes in the chocolate very well.

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