LSG Group: Paperless in Hong Kong

Our branch in Hong Kong is a pioneer in digitization. Thanks to eHACCP, those working there are saving a lot of paper and are working more efficiently.

Paperless production has been the reality in Hong Kong for a while now thanks to digitisation. A pilot project was started there in 2014, which is now generating highly satisfactory results and takeaway lessons.

Paperless Hong Kong LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs
The company began addressing the digitisation of the hygiene process and the associated administrative effort (keyword HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Crictical Control Points) based on an initiative by our colleagues in Hong Kong. The issue presented a major challenge for all LSG Sky Chefs CSCs; the regulations are very strict and the documentation and control duties are complex. In addition, the highest standards of care are required, especially when it comes to things as sensitive as compliance within the refrigeration chain. Efficiency is an absolute must in order to ensure compliance with all this.

Employees in Hong Kong, together with the experts from Corporate IT, questioned the previous workflows and processes surrounding measuring temperature and maintaining the refrigeration chain, working to develop optimised alternatives based on consistent digitization of the process chain. The result was the eHACCP pilot project.

LSG Group Paperless Hong KongIt involved digitizing and linking the closely monitored measurements as well as the documentation of the results obtained. This made documentation on paper obsolete, reducing the amount of manual work involved. In addition, data can now be retrieved and further processed more quickly. But how, exactly?

It starts with what’s known as the “Gold Standard”, the blueprint of the product that will be mass-produced. This is weighed and the data collected is stored for use as a comparative value from then on. This allows for each subsequent product to be reviewed to determine whether the preparatory specifications and piece list have been followed precisely. In addition, the temperature is measured throughout the entire production process using hand-held devices that automatically transmit the data to the eHACCP software. All ingredients, the individual products produced and the trays already covered are tested. This enables us to prevent the refrigeration chain from being interrupted. If this does appear likely, an alarm is automatically triggered to signal that all goods must be immediately refrigerated.

LSG Group Oliver Tappe Business Analyst LSG Sky Chefs Galley Guide“We are seeing that these new processes are running smoothly and that we are actually reaching the efficiency and quality gains we are aiming for as a result of consistent digitization”, says Oliver Tappe, Business Analyst at the LSG Group. “This means we can categorize the pilot project in Hong Kong as a massive success for the entire LSG Group, not least due to the dynamic cooperation of our colleagues there. Those in charge of the Asia region are already considering introducing paperless production with eHACCP at other locations as well. And all of the other regions and locations interested will be able to benefit from the results.”

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