LSG Sky Chefs: North America digitizes production processes

LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs Natalie SchlegelNatalie Schlegel is a business analyst who works closely with the North America IT team in digitizing the LSG Sky Chefs facilities in the region. We’re asking three important questions.

What exactly can be digitized within our LSG Sky Chefs units?

We have focused on the workflows in the workstations. Every day, each unit produces food for a variety of airlines and passengers. Up until now, a lot of paper was used, for instance, to communicate the required quantities or to document production progress. We are changing that. In the future, all data will be digitally recorded in real time using tablets and made available via an App.

Can such a change be designed “in the lab?”

The basis, perhaps. But for a real-life check, you need to put yourself out there. It’s only in during live operations that you discover issues that emerge during handling, and these then need to be resolved. All digital applications have to be intuitive these days, and it’s no different for us! Feedback from colleagues who are active in our operations is an essential part of making this happen.

LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs

How far has the digitization of the units progressed?

We tested digitized production at the units in Dallas, Seattle and Los Angeles for a week each in 2016. And the tests were successful. In July 2017, we then fully converted our first site, Seattle, also with great success. Next up will be Dallas, Miami and New York – much to the delight of our customers, who are giving us positive feedback

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