LSG Sky Chefs Lounge serves the “Wiesnwickel”: Outside Asia, inside Bavaria

The chefs from LSG Sky Chefs will be serving a special treat at the Lufthansa Senator Lounges at both the Frankfurt and Munich airports all through Oktoberfest: The “Wiesnwickel” is now available on the lounge menu – a tribute to the Bavarian cuisine that Munich offers its numerous guests from all over the world during these two festive weeks.

Behind the recipe of the Wiesnwickel is Robert Dedic, Manager Culinary Experience at LSG Sky Chefs Lounge. “Our idea was to translate the idea of Munich as both a city with a heart and a cosmopolitan city onto the plate, ” he says. “We are therefore combining the classic components of the Oktoberfest with an Asian summer roll.”

To start, the spring roll dough is coated with “soy sauce”. The sauce consists mainly of boiled malt beer and only a small portion of actual soy sauce, but is visually similar to it and is also served as a dip. Before wrapping, the dough is filled with ingredients that taste like Oktoberfest, the biggest folk festival in the world: white cabbage marinated with caraway, carrots marinated in apple juice, spring onions and, optionally, roasted ham.

Wiesnwickel zum Oktoberfest

On top of that, red cabbage pesto seasoned with caraway is also available. Finally, there is freshly grated horseradish as a counterpart to Japanese wasabi – alluding once again to Asian cuisine within a Bavarian classic.

“We have created a dish that almost everyone has already experienced – purely outwardly. Right from the first bite, however, comes a surprising twist because our recipe is completely different from how one knows it. Its taste is completely reminiscent of Oktoberfest, even though it doesn’t look like it at all,” says Robert Dedic.

The “Wiesnwickel” will be served through to the end of Oktoberfest. In the Lufthansa Senator and Business Lounges throughout Germany, classics like charcuterie boards, chicken knuckles, leberkäse (a type of ham), pretzels, veal meatballs, potato salad and Topfenmousse with Zwetschgenröster, a type of cream topped with sweet chutney, will be available for guests.

The Oktoberfest menu in the Lufthansa First Class Lounges will be served alongside an appropriately festive decoration, and includes dishes like a Festtagssuppe, a soup, with a duck roast. And for the guests with a sweet tooth, there will be homemade apple strudel with vanilla sauce, roasted almonds and rum raisins to finish off their meal.

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