LSG Sky Chefs gets a refreshed logo and identity

Neu-Isenburg, Germany. The LSG Group has just unveiled a refreshed logo and corporate identity scheme for its core airline-catering expert brand, LSG Sky Chefs. Characterizing it as an evolution, rather than a revolution, the company is seeking to reaffirm the brand’s heritage with an updated modern look. The clear message is that this legacy inflight services brand keeps evolving with the latest trends, particularly within the realm of digital communications, at the same time it remains at the forefront of the industry.

While retaining the original yellow and blue brand colors, the updated logo streamlines the radiating bars and concentrates them inside the globe. The lettering has also turned into a more subtle blue, accentuating the subsidiary’s strong connection to the LSG Group. All other corporate identity components will replicate these changes with a variety of creative iterations that emphasize a more playful and versatile use in digital communications.

The new design elements were developed using a combination of shapes: curved lines, cropped circles and colored surfaces for content. Two new colors have been introduced to compliment the blue and yellow, gold and beige, in support of the brand’s refreshed communication.

“LSG Sky Chefs is a widely recognized brand, one that immediately catches your eye on the tarmac, and we did not want to jeopardize that level of recognition with a drastic logo change,” said Alexandra Appel, Head of Communications and Marketing at the LSG Group. “That is why this will also be a gradual transition in terms of corporate imagery, for instance, when it comes to updating of all our catering trucks across our worldwide network. These changes will take place over time, because we intend to also make this a responsible and sustainable transition. So, for the time being, our classic logo will continue to co-exist with the new one.” 

With this logo and image update, the LSG Group honors the long history and deep-seated brand values of its core business while embracing a new era as a standalone, forward-thinking company.  

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