LSG Sky Chefs Frankfurt donates 15.5 tons of food

The facility in Frankfurt gave fruits, dairy products, chocolates and more to the organizations Essen für Alle and Foodsharing e. V.

Food donations in Frankfurt

The LSG Sky Chefs operations in Frankfurt has donated around 15.5 tons of food to charitable organizations in the Rhine-Main region in recent weeks. To the delight of the volunteer organizers and the many people they help every day, the majority of the surplus goods resulting from reduced flights went to two initiatives: Essen für Alle (EFA) in Mörfelden-Walldorf and Foodsharing e. V. in Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

In addition to orange juice, milk and yogurt, LSG Sky Chefs distributed butter, cheese, olives, baked goods, chocolate and fruit – particularly bananas, apples and pears. Niklas Wolf, Operational Excellence Manager, is happy to have helped people in need. “Some of the food pantries that we usually support had to close due to official regulations. So we made new arrangements to reach those in need,” he says.

Normally, LSG Sky Chefs has far fewer goods left over as our operations produce at just the right time to build up the smallest possible stock. That changed when the pandemic hit Germany and resulted in more flight cancellations and tighter schedules – temporarily, at least.

Hannelore Simon from EFA is grateful: “The demand is currently enormous,” she says, and reports long queues at the improvised distribution points of the non-profit organization from Mörfelden-Walldorf, where people can obtain supplies several times a week without having to present a coupon. “We also go to social institutions and rescue stations. We deliver packages to people who cannot leave the house or do not dare to because they belong to a COVID-19 risk group.” Homeless people in Rüsselsheim and people in need in the Gross-Gerau district also benefited from the donations made by LSG Sky Chefs.

Foodsharing e. V. in Frankfurt and Darmstadt also forwarded LSG Sky Chefs’ donations to where they were essential – to the needy, the homeless and hospitals. Some orange juice packets were used to feed paramedics in ambulances. “The Tafel (the largest German foodbank) and other organizations that distribute food to the needy are always a priority for us. We see ourselves as the last resort”, says Anja Grünewald of Foodsharing e. V. “We only save the food when the Tafel – for various reasons – are unable to pick it up”.

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