LSG Sky Chefs Calendar 2016: Behind the Scenes

Dear Blog Readers!

Several weeks ago our LSG Sky Chefs Calendar 2016 found its way to the offices of our customers, partners and friends. We hope that by now you’re already enjoying our 12 different ideas of a Culinary Year – the urban perspective, the oriental touch, the rustic simplicity and all of the other inspiring photos.

The calendar project started in June 2015 when we had an initial meeting with our partners from the agency madkom to discuss both our first ideas and a potential storyline for the 2016 calendar.

What we already knew was that we did not want to just show nice, yet generic food images. We targeted a more inspirational, narrative and somewhat dreamy way to present our relationship to food. Sometimes a meal can be an unforgettable and unique experience. Meals like this can create a special moment with an atmosphere you’ll remember for years. Our goal with this year’s calendar was to present pictures reminiscent of such moments.

So we, the LSG Sky Chefs Marketing Team, started collaborating with our exceptional Culinary Team – their knowledge and experience was a priceless benefit! Together we created countless interesting ideas and everyone involved had a very personal and unique perspective on what such a moment might look like and what it might include. That was a great creative exchange! As you can imagine, we had some pretty intense brainstorming sessions.

Nevertheless, in August we had to make a final decision on the photos and after signing off, the photo shooting could officially begin. Bringing our Top 12 ideas to life took us a total of 8 days. The main difference compared to the 2015 Calendar is the relationship between the calendar and our LSG Sky Chefs network. Every single calendar image represents one of our locations and stands for a specific lifestyle: be it the classic, the natural/local or the inspirational one.

We really hope you’ll enjoy our 2016 Edition!

January 2016

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February 2016

LSG Sky Chefs Blog | LSG Sky Chefs Calendar | 2016 Making of

In case you missed out on asking for our calendar … every month you’ll find the current calendar image on our Homepage and on our LinkedIn account.



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