LSG Sky Chefs Begins Strategic Move to Devolve Responsibility to its Regional Management Teams

Decision empowers the Americas management team to execute the next stage in its growth plans, refocusing the business around regional needs and expectations.

Irving/Texas – LSG Sky Chefs, a global leader in airline catering and food commerce, has today decided to devolve more responsibility to its regional and functional entities. As part of this wider strategic realignment, the Americas management team will be given full ownership and decision-making authority for the performance of the LSG Sky Chefs brand in the US and Latin America.

Under the new governance structure, the now US-centric management team is empowered to focus more fully on the region it runs, speeding up decision-making and reducing complexity. Through further strengthening its standalone capabilities, the move will align LSG Sky Chefs more closely with its key markets, leaving the business well positioned to drive further im-provements in customer service, win new customers and unlock future growth opportunities.

As part of this move, a new CEO, CFO and COO have been appointed to LSG Sky Chefs Americas. The team will be led by new CEO Greg Anderson who joins the company from Securitas AB North America Division, where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer. He will be supported by new CFO Nathan Oujezdsky who joins the company from Flix North America, where he also served as CFO, and the new COO Jeff Riedel who has been President of United Ground Express since 2022. Together with incumbent CCO Tone Cresswell, who remains an integral part of the team, they will work to implement a comprehensive value-creation program, driving operational improvements and the reinvigoration of the Sky Chefs brand.

“I am deeply honored and excited to be joining LSG Sky Chefs as its new CEO,” Greg said. “It is a privilege to join such a talented team which has positioned the company as a market leader in airline catering and services. I look forward to building on this strong foundation with a focus on growth and innovation.”

Along with teams around the world, LSG Sky Chefs will continue to be supported by the GCRI Board of Directors and AURELIUS Portfolio Advisory Managing Directors, René Herzog and Janno Gröne, ensuring group cohesion and a successful start to the next stage in their growth trajectory.

“This decision gives a clear indication of how we want to run LSG Sky Chefs from now on. It is about giving regional entities greater control of their own future,” said Erdmann Rauer, the LSG Group CEO. “The new organizational structure will enable each entity to better serve their regional customers and be more closely aligned with the needs of their regional suppliers and business partners. I am confident that this move to a more autonomous model will allow regional entities, beginning with LSG Sky Chefs in the Americas, to thrive on their own terms while at the same time making the business more efficient, safeguarding the brand’s market position and allowing it to better compete for the long term.”

John Rutjes and Dave Dennis, previously CEO and COO, respectively, of LSG Sky Chefs’ Americas business, have left the company by mutual agreement. AURELIUS would like to thank them for the contributions they made to the business, and for their steady hand during the pandemic and the transition period into AURELIUS ownership.

Following the enhanced focus and devolution of regional responsibilities, this brings Karin Sonnenmoser’s interim Global CFO responsibilities of LSG Group to its natural conclusion; she will therefore step down from her current role. AURELIUS is grateful for the contribution she made during her tenure.

Erdmann Rauer is also stepping back from his current role as the LSG’s Group CEO and has agreed to remain with the business as Senior Strategic Advisor, supporting the business through the transition to a new organizational structure.

“We extend a warm welcome to all the new senior arrivals and wish them much success in their new roles. At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who is departing the LSG Group before it embarks on its new endeavor. Each one of them in their own right have served this company very well and will be missed,” said Gert Purkert, Founding Partner of AURELIUS. “Of course, our special thanks goes to Erdmann Rauer, our long-serving Global CEO, without whom the LSG Group would not be what it is today. We wish all of them only the best for their personal and professional futures, and we are glad Erdmann will continue to support us as Senior Strategic Advisor.”

Global Airline Catering & Retail Invest Limited is the holding company of the LSG Group.

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