June #perspectives: Heating summer up with purple curry

Just in time for summer, we’re heating up for the month of June with this purple curry dish.

The vegetarian dish might veer on the side of avant garde, but it’s made with ingredients you can easily find at your local supermarket – with one special twist, of course.

Accurately named “Textures”, the dish comprises mostly of carrots prepared in various ways. From shaved to creamed, the vegetable lends itself to the vibrant final look. It’s no wonder, then, that the dish is part of the Energizing segment of the FlyYourVeda™ meal concept, meant to invigorate passengers who need to perform at their best upon landing.

The next component, coconut cream, is dotted around the plate to add richness to the dish – which brings us to the twist: the purple curry. Made with spices from Altes Gewürzamt, a famous German producer (founded by Michelin-star chef Ingo Holland, the purple curry provides just the right amount of kick to the healthy dish.

Watch the video to find out how Head Global Culinary Excellence Jörg Hofmann put the dish together.

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