July #perspectives: Beef cheeks that melt in the mouth

We’re kicking off the second half of 2019 with Head of Global Culinary Excellence Jörg Hofmann at the reins, as he prepares the calendar dish for July. On this month’s menu: cinnamon-spiced beef cheeks and mushrooms served atop a 50-kilogram slab of ice, a menu item that is part of the frozen product portfolio of Evertaste, and is currently already flying.

Beef cheeks might sound like a peculiar cut, but it’s one that, cooked right, is a great deviation from the norm. Just as the name suggests, beef cheeks come from the cheeks of the animal, which in itself presents an unusual challenge. Since the muscles are used so often, the meat typically tends to be tougher. Tenderizing the muscle therefore requires one of two methods: braising or slow-cooking.

The result is often worth it: tender meat that falls apart easily, and that’s exactly how our July dish is. “As a chef myself, I can assure you that the quality and taste of the meat is just beautiful,” says Hofmann.

All that just to show, frozen food doesn’t mean it’s any less tasty. Watch the video to find out more.

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