Introducing LSG Sky Chef’s corona virus measures worldwide

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, LSG Sky Chefs has introduced additional safety measures in its facilities all around the world. With the highest possible hygiene standards already in place before the outbreak of the virus, the company’s experts focused on social distancing policies and placed further emphasis on employee education.

In North America, Edgard Graterol, Head of Operational Value Chain, and his team have developed an employee training package with the help of an online learning management system. “This is knowledge that can also be applied beyond their working hours so that they can protect themselves, their families and stay healthy,” he says.

Other safety and hygiene measures include mandatory temperature checks and wearing a mask before entering the facility, plexiglass barriers to ensure protection in canteens, barriers between workstations to avoid contact and – as always – constant handwashing.

In South America, the well-known YouTuber Jayme Drummond documented the sophisticated hygiene measures for the popular video blog Carioca NoMundo and found that flying can be a culinary delight even in times of a pandemic.

Of course, the LSG Sky Chefs facilities in Europe, the Emerging Markets and Asia-Pacific regions continue to operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Airline Catering Association (ACA) that were published in July and can be found here.

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