Environmental Report: How to Store Chemicals the Right Way

Hello Everyone,

This morning, when I filled our dishwasher after breakfast, a red light was flashing to indicate that I needed to add more rinse aid to the machine. This routine action somehow reminded me of the detergents and various cleaning agents that we use in our catering units on a daily basis. In our facilities, like in your own home, cleaning chemicals need to be stored in a safe place, separate from food and other items. In 2013 and 2014 we did a global green assessment that informed us that the storage process for chemical cleaning agents in many of our units could use a little improvement.

LSG Sky Chefs | Environmental ReportMy colleagues in Latin America took the initiative to start a project to develop a standard process for chemical product storage. The team worked together with Diversey, our worldwide partner for chemical supplies, to identify the best way to store the cleaning chemicals in our facilities. Our unit in São Paulo, which is our largest facility in Latin America, served as a showcase for the new action plan. The showcase they developed not only included adherence to safety regulations, but also provided best practices for hygiene and cleaning trainings.

The complete project was implemented in only one month and produced five clear rules for the safe storage and disposal of chemicals, which you can find below. We all know that rules are important, but only effective if people respect them. Therefore, the team implemented follow-up audits, which are held every six months. Sao Paulo has only been a starting point! The best practice showcase will be rolled-out throughout the Latin American region, starting with Brazil, Venezuela and Panama. From there, it will be rolled-out to all LSG Sky Chefs units worldwide. Come to think of it, maybe I should check at home to see if my own detergent storage follows those safety instructions, too!

Kind regards,

Walter Vreden

Download the LSG Sky Chefs Environmental Report 2015

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