Get to Know Some Culinary Talents: Chef Fimmy Mok

Last year, some of our best culinary talents from the LSG Sky Chefs graduated from the Global Culinary Excellence Academy (GCEA). To better give you an insight into each of our chefs, we’re putting Chef Fimmy Mok from Hong Kong in the limelight today.

Your Name: Fimmy Mok

Location: Hong Kong

What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Asian Food is my favorite to cook. Especially Chinese style

What is your favorite ingredient?

Seafood and shellfish

Vegetables or Fruits?

I like to use colorful vegetables and fruits for my side dishes. Things like purple cauliflower, yellow carrots and red dragon fruit etc.

Appetizer, Main course or dessert?

I like appetizers and main courses and I want to work harder to master desserts.

What is your favorite or most used utensil?

Normally I like to use large plates for the main course and wooden or long plates with glass details for appetizers

What is your favorite food trend right now?

Health food. Grains and plants produce,less oil & salt for cooking etc. Because most people like healthy eating right now.

What is you dream culinary destination?

Thailand is my dream culinary destination. Because I love Thai food very much. I would like to learn a thing or two over there.

Do you have a traditional recipe in your family?

Chinese double boiling soup. The smell that fills my kitchen when I boil this soup is simply amazing! Most Chinese people like it.

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