A Food Truck that Flies

Food trucks have become an ubiquitous sight in many city streets around the world. The trend, which took off several years ago, is not showing any signs of slowing down and is in fact growing more sophisticated in terms of the food offered. But – do you know of any food trucks that can fly?

LSG Sky Chefs’ customer Azul Brazilian Airlines has decided to take this concept to the next level and serve truck food on board their aircraft. So, they teamed up with Sao Paulo’s Buzina Food Truck and our LSG team in Brazil.

The concept launch was announced at a press conference held at our facility on June 6, and it is the result of a collaboration between Buzina Food Truck chefs Marcio Silva and Jorge Gonzalez and our own Ricardo Fittipaldi, Development Chef LSG Sky Chefs Brazil. Beginning in July, passengers flying from Sao Paulo to the United States and Portugal will be able to enjoy menus designed by the Buzina chefs and adapted to fly by Fittipaldi in all on-board classes. The emphasis of the concept is on quality and friendliness, two traits shared by Azul.


“Food on an aircraft should surprise and generate delight,” said Claudia Fernandes, Director of Marketing and Communications at Azul, during the conference. “Delight is part of every service concept Azul provides. So with this one, passengers will enjoy fresh food that is different and has been designed by two renowned chefs. At the same time, it reinforces the values of our brand, which always put our customers and employees first.”

The team of chefs praised both the cooperation they enjoyed in creating the menus and our facilities. “During these past two months together, we exchanged many experiences and we came up with great recipes, respecting all the excellence and quality standards necessary for the preparation of food in our kitchens,” said Chef Fittipaldi.

The press conference concluded with a menu tasting for the journalists present. The on-board menu choices include food-truck staples like cheeseburgers, and comfort-food favorites like macaroni and cheese.

The award-winning Buzina Food Truck has been operating in Sao Paulo since 2013.

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