August #perspectives: A fiery summer with a fiery paella

As the summer continues to heat up, Head of Global Culinary Excellence Jörg Hofmann has prepared a deconstructed paella to pay homage to Southern Europe and Spain. “I believe the dish represents the spirit and the fire and everything that belongs to Spain,” says Chef Hofmann.

The key to making a great deconstructed dish is ensuring that the combined elements are still reminiscent in taste to the original – which is exactly what Hofmann has done with his paella.

Using main ingredients like chipirones, a type of squid species also known as baby calamari, chicken and beans, Hofmann assembles a dish that might look unrecognizable and different, but brings you to the open airs of Spain once you taste it.

Fact of the month: Even though many people believe it to be so, the paella is not actually the national dish of Spain. Spaniards view it as a Valencian dish, as the Valencian paella is believed to be the original recipe.

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