Extend current capabilities – virtually! 

Safety is LSG Group’s top priority as a reliable partner for our customers. And to guarantee safety in all of our processes and products, we are continuously working to make our operations safer by reducing the risk of injuries. At the same time, we want to promote best-practice sharing within the company while giving our customers a glimpse into our operations. With that in mind, we are introducing two new products into our current training portfolio: a virtual reality training for truck drivers and a virtual facility tour through some of our kitchens. 

Our company has developed a virtual reality training software to give our employees a significantly quicker, more engaging and safer training method. The software focuses on truck drivers being familiarized with opening and closing the doors of the A320 and B737 planes. There are two different modes within the training. The first one takes drivers through the entire process, and the second allows them to test the process independently. The virtual training focuses on details and authenticity, so attention is paid to every detail. 

Moreover, the LSG Group is replicating its facilities in the digital environment by taking 360-degree pictures and creating virtual tours. This allows users to remotely access our kitchens and get a feeling for our operations. Additionally, it is possible to add videos to the tour to share best practices and show the whole operational process. These tours can be experienced via a browser or in virtual reality.  

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