Culinary Journey: Utilizing our own expertise at LSG Sky Chefs

Culinary WorkshopInvite chefs from different locations, give them a task, provide them with a kitchen and a broad range of products and equipment – and then experience the delightful results out of combined expertise, individual interests and personal flavors.

Such a workshop took place at LSG Sky Chefs’ European Culinary Research & Development Center in Alzey, Germany. The aim was to broaden our portfolio of fish and seafood dishes for our airline customers, and cover the most important food trends.

The demand for healthy food onboard is already high and is increasing every year. Therefore, using alternative accompaniments with ancient and healthy grains. Some of the grains are already widely used in our kitchens, such as varieties of quinoa, spelt or barley. Some of them are completely new, such as venere black rice (also called the Emperor’s rice), kamut (maybe the new quinoa?), millet, and also various mixes of grains and beans.

Culinary WorkshopTo develop new dishes, Erich Ruppen (Head of Culinary Excellence Europe) invited some of our Product Development Chefs from region Europe. Among the participants were Juha Stenholm (Executive Development Chef in Finland) to ensure that the best quality fish and seafood products are offered to our customers, and Gustavo Schneider (Executive Development Chef for Europe), who brought knowledge of ancient grains to reintroduce into our kitchens.

The outcome of the workshop is impressive. The team developed some amazing recipes, for example a salmon fillet cooked to perfection with orange, fennel and chili quinoa or the red snapper with its crispy skin on a bed of venere black rice with zucchini, shrimps, lime and dill. To complement the dishes they have developed various hot and cold sauces without using cream or butter. The results are great tangy and spicy fruit salsas, as well as sauces using yoghurt and sour cream as a base with some innovative combinations of citrus and herbs!

I am always impressed by the expertise, commitment and passion of the more than 700 chefs at LSG Sky Chefs’. If we bring our own chefs with their specific areas of expertise and interests together, the result is always great and can be offered to our customers right away. To think out of the box and include trends into the menus, you don’t always need external influences when you have so many innovators onboard.

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About Jörg

Berlin, London, Hong Kong or Sydney – the culinary world will never be big enough for Jörg. He joined LSG Sky Chefs in 2013 to drive culinary ideas, concepts and trends but also to establish a worldwide Executive Chef organization and to create meal standards. Inspired by food, flavors and finesse, Jörg is always looking for attention to detail resulting in perfection. Scouting trends, testing new dishes, Jörg will take on every challenge. At home, he enjoys classic dishes such as Peruvian chevice in the summer or French classics, accompanied by a glass of Champagne.

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