Culinary Journey: Place the right orders

Depending on class and route some of our airline customers spend a lot of money on the meals served on board, others spend less. But all our customers have something in common: they want to serve high quality authentic meals and – especially in premium classes – want to serve something special.

We talked about this “something special” at LSG Sky Chefs’ Global Procurement Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, USA in June. Although we – as the world’s leading airline caterer – try to streamline procurement processes as much as possible, we also need to have a clear focus on smartly integrating food trends. We need to be able to surprise our customers and their guests by offering new, exclusive or exquisite products. Our procurement department has a team of trend hunters and we work closely with them to be able to introduce culinary highlights into an overall concept and support the airlines’ brand values.

Food promotes modern lifestyle and therefore we include global trends in food in our offering, such as local sourcing, using new cooking technologies and recreating childhood memories. The consistent authenticity of the meals needs to be ensured at all times.

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