Behind the Scenes of… the LSG Group Calendar 2017

Every time the LSG Group calendar is sent out to our customers worldwide, it marks the arrival of a new year of collaboration and culinary ideas. The production of the 2017 calendar was different to that of the previous years – all meals were developed and created by our own chefs, rather than by external food stylists. Who could better create a calendar that reflects our strategy and philosophy that our own chefs? Get a first glimpse at the calender dishes and behind the scenes material here:

A team of four chefs under the lead of Jörg Hofmann, Manager Culinary Excellence, has developed 16 dishes from around the globe highlighting all our regions. The calendar is essentially a manifestation of the ideas that Marketing puts into the trade show World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Exhibition (WTCE), the insights which the Product Department gains from trend research and the culinary expertise that is spread worldwide across LSG Group’s network of excellent chefs.

Calendar Making Of
Mathieu Castex is adding last touches to this dish. Wondering what it is? Watch out for our posts on LinkedIn:

The production team, LSG Group Marketing and our chefs, plus our agency, chose 12 motifs and the title image to appear in the calendar 2017 with the title Dedication. Emphasizing our passion to food and developing food concepts, we are also showing exclusive behind-the-scenes material in this calendar. There is so much fine-tuning before a dish actually appears on a calendar picture, so we thought we’d let everybody get an idea of what it involves. Calendar-Making-Of_Fine-Tuning

Of course you can also get a glimpse at the photos: We will post a calendar picture on LinkedIn each month – look out for it on our LinkedIn page!

The LSG Group calendar 2017 is published in a limited edition. The lucky ones who get to pin the 2017 Calendar Dedication to their wall will be the LSG Group’s customers who receive it as a gift.

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