Smooth Start-up of new Bangkok Facility

LSG Sky Chefs regains its position as sole international catering provider on site


BANGKOK – LSG Sky Chefs, the only international in-flight services provider at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi airport, smoothly began operating its new facility in parallel with the opening of the new Asian Mega-Hub on September 28.

LSG Sky Chefs has been operating in Thailand for more than 30 years, and since 1990 under the name “LSG Sky Chefs/Siam Flight Services.” The new state-of-the- art customer service center offers a window into the future of the industry. The facility contains the latest technology, combined with a flexible layout that can be easily modified in response to a number of foreseeable market developments, such as meeting the needs of low-cost carriers and the addition of onboard retail or frozen meals to the activities at the facility. Also, its initial production capacity of 12,000 meals per day can be expanded up to 25,000 as traffic increases. Currently, the customer service center delivers to 24 international airlines, including Lufthansa, Qantas, British Airways, Japan Airlines and Finnair.

“My sincere thanks to all of our external partners and my colleagues, who have led and contributed to the realization of our presence at the new airport,” said HK Cheung, COO LSG Sky Chefs Asia/Pacific region. “We are looking forward to becoming a valuable business partner at this exciting location, thus contributing to the growth and attractiveness of Suvarnabhumi.”

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