LSG Sky Chefs Expands Business in the Middle East

Neu-Isenburg, Germany – LSG Sky Chefs announces that it has further expanded its business with long-time customers Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways at several of its worldwide locations.

Middle Eastern airlines represent a very important and strategic customer group for LSG Sky Chefs, which is why the company also recently opened a new sales and marketing office in Dubai, in addition to a branch of SPIRIANT, its equipment and logistics subsidiary. LSG Sky Chefs also introduced a dedicated Halal industry expert, responsible for further developing and deploying the company’s Halal strategy throughout the worldwide network.

Although LSG Sky Chefs has had a long physical presence in the region, the decision to have a sales and customer service team close to its key customers is further indication of the company’s commitment to further strengthening these relationships and the Middle East in general.

LSG Sky Chefs currently serves Emirates at 18 stations around the globe and at  four additional ones in the UK via joint venture Alpha LSG, Qatar Airways at 14 stations with three more via Alpha LSG and Etihad Airways at 11 locations  worldwide and one via Alpha LSG.

“A reliable service provider with excellent product delivery, consistency and quality is of great importance to these industry-leading airlines, which are recognized for their impeccable service standards around the world,” said Niklas Sandor, LSG Sky Chefs’ Vice President of Sales in the Middle East.

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