High-speed LSG Sky Chefs wins Singapore Airlines contract

LSG Sky Chefs has been awarded a contract by Singapore Airlines to provide in-flight services to flights out of London-Heathrow.


The new contract means LSG Sky Chefs’ London-Heathrow Customer Service Centre will provide full in-flight services to three long-haul Boeing 747 flights each day out of London-Heathrow to Singapore.

LSG Sky Chefs will be supplying nearly 500,000 meals to more than 1,000 flights each year in a deal that further consolidates the company’s London-Heathrow operation. LSG Sky Chefs’ Manchester Customer Service Centre already services one flight daily from Manchester Airport while the London-Heathrow unit will be providing around 1,300 meals daily for three flights covering first class, business class and economy.

The new contract, which will run for six months, commenced on November 16 – just three weeks after LSG Sky Chefs was initially approached by the airline and only six days after receiving official confirmation that the contract had been won.

Norbert Moog, LSG Sky Chefs’ London-Heathrow General Manager, said: “The speed with which this new contract has been implemented is quite unprecedented. Normally there is a 60-day lead-in period to commence new business but this has been achieved in just six days which is quite incredible and a fantastic tribute to the LSG Sky Chefs team who have made it all happen.”

“In six days we have sourced products for menus, trained staff on the requirements of the airline, brought in additional transport to cope with the increased workload and set in place all the specialist support that our customers expect from LSG Sky Chefs. It has been a huge logistical operation and we have worked around the clock to ensure a smooth transition.”

Michael Whitfield, LSG Sky Chefs’ Sales Director for UK and Eire, said: “LSG Sky Chefs is already contracted to service Singapore Airlines’ flights from 14 airports globally but the Heathrow-Singapore route is one of their flagship routes, with Heathrow one of their largest operations outside of Singapore. We are delighted to have been awarded such a prestigious contract.”

He added: “Singapore Airlines takes great pride in the standard of authentic cuisine it offers its passengers. The fact we have dedicated specialist chefs to develop menus and can ensure excellence was a key element of LSG Sky Chefs being awarded this contract.”

Hermann Freidanck, Global Food and Beverages Manager for Singapore Airlines, said it was a remarkable achievement to launch the new contract so quickly which was a tribute to the ‘outstanding cooperation’ between LSG Sky Chefs and Singapore Airlines. He added: “I think the sheer speed of this contract from it being awarded to start-up would probably qualify for the in-flight catering Guinness Book of World Records!”

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