eLSG.SkyChefs launches cost-saving solutions for airlines

Irving, USA – eLSG.SkyChefs, the first total e-business solution provider to the airline catering industry, announces the launch of their revolutionary cost-saving solutions. Airlines are able to reduce catering expenses up to 10 percent through the implementation of the solutions now available through the eLSG.SkyChefs web based portal.

“Now more than ever airlines need solutions that help achieve cost savings,” said Hal Michel, chief executive officer of eLSG.SkyChefs. “eLSG.SkyChefs offers new technologies via their portal that are now available without having to make a substantial capital investment. The solutions available through this portal dramatically improve the ability of the airlines to manage their in-flight services costs.”

These solutions eliminate many of the airlines current time-intensive, paper-driven processes. These processes are now handled within an efficient, easy-to-use, cost-saving system which is accessible in one place via any workstation with access to the web. eLSG.SkyChefs partnered with well-known industry leaders – Accenture, i2 and Sabre – taking best of breed products and expertise to develop this state of the art portal. The portal currently offers three critical business solutions that add value to the industry immediately by streamlining the in-flight services processes: equipment, in-flight services and procurement.

eEquipment Business Solution
Lower equipment inventory levels and full accountability at all times, allow the eEquipment Business Solution to save an airline up to 15 percent of its annual equipment spending. With airlines losing an average of 10 to 15 percent of their equipment each year, this solution provides tremendous value through tools offering greater efficiency in tracking the entire equipment process. eEquipment allows airlines to manage more effectively by enabling forecasting, planning and control over the entire equipment supply chain through one centralized e-business solution.

In-Flight Services Business Solution
In-Flight Services Business Solution supports the entire set of processes required to operate an in-flight services department, from the design and documentation of a new menu to the more complex task of scheduling meals in the most cost efficient way. The set of tools within this solution provides savings to the airline up to seven percent of their catering budgets. This web-enabled solution permits the airline industry to collaborate and share relevant information, standardizing the supply chain between airlines, caterers and suppliers.

eProcurement Business Solution
eProcurement Business Solution is a comprehensive set of tools which handles all purchasing processes through one easily accessed web enabled workstation. The tools offered include sourcing, contract management, order management, reporting and user management. Airlines and caterers can save up to five percent of product costs as well as reduce their transaction costs. The total supply chain integration provided by this solution provides an unprecedented level of transparency and collaboration in this area.

“eLSG.SkyChefs”s portal creates a win-win opportunity for airlines,” says Tony Radka, vice president of sales and marketing for eLSG.SkyChefs. “Unlike the usual acquisition and implementation of new technology, airlines need not incur an enormous capital investment. These investments are eliminated, as airlines, caterers and suppliers do not have to develop a unique system, instead, they are able to easily access our technology through their own workstation via the Internet. With such tremendous cost savings, companies may choose to pass these benefits onto the consumer.”

In the simplest arrangement, an airline can choose to access only one tool from a solution to support specific areas of need such as meal ordering or equipment tracking. The airline can also choose a combination of tools or solutions including a very comprehensive option in which an airline might choose to operate their entire in-flight catering process by using all eLSG.SkyChefs” solutions provided through the portal.

Based in Irving, Texas, eLSG.SkyChefs is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSG Lufthansa Service Holdings AG. For more information on eLSG.SkyChefs visit www.elsgskychefs.com or call +1 (469) 759-5608.

About eLSG.SkyChefs:
eLSG.SkyChefs (www.elsgskychefs.com) is a global organization specializing in providing technology solutions and business services within the airline catering industry. Their product is delivered to airlines, suppliers and caterers via the industry”s first comprehensive portal. Partnerships with Sabre, Accenture and i2 allow eLSG.SkyChefs to offer best of breed solutions covering the entire in-flight services, equipment management and procurement processes.

eLSG.Sky Chefs is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSG Lufthansa Service Holdings AG which also operates LSG Sky Chefs. LSG Sky Chefs is the world”s largest airline catering company with over 200 flight kitchens around the world serving 260 airlines. LSG Sky Chefs has a total output of 427 million meals per year.

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