A line of premium products that are made fresh and stay fresh thanks to the innovative technology.

Deli-icious is happy to add this innovative offering to the LSG Group’s portfolio, allowing its customers to extend their sales opportunities.​ The goal is to transform fresh ideas into smart solutions through our wide range of products for people on the go.

Deli-icious is a line of premium products that are made fresh and stay fresh thanks to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAPs), which allows us to extend the life of the food. The aim is to offer you a product that can stay on your shelf long enough to be sold and consumed with guaranteed satisfaction.

Our selection of sandwiches is prepared under the highest standards of quality and food safety by a company that has been doing it for well over 70 years. Our experts are well-versed in the culinary techniques that produce food that not only looks good but tastes … Deli-icious.

By purchasing sandwiches that have a longer shelf life, you also save costs. That extended shelf life also helps produce less waste, which is good for our environment and your sustainability goals.

Our expertise in Convenience Food

  • Expertise in culinary development, food intelligence and creative thinking
  • Technical know-how meets various product and packaging solutions: MAP equipment, flow pack, tray (film) seal
  • Reliable network across America with 10 production sites nationally
  • Flexible food production in multi-temperature environments
  • BRC Food Safety Standard-capable at any chosen site
  • USDA and FDA production environments


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