We provide airline services and delight passengers all day, every day, all over the world.

Meeting the needs of the airline industry is what we’re best known for, and it’s still at the heart of our business today.

For more than 70 years, we’ve lived the highs and the lows of this exciting arena, as an airline service provider alongside our customers.

The LSG Group fulfills those needs, whether it’s a small regional airline or a global 5-star carrier, with individual products to full-service concepts. Our airline services are based on a combination of passenger insight, airline demands, knowledge of the aviation market, general trend analysis and the hands-on experience that can only come with decades of quality catering to the demanding environment of the aircraft cabin.

  • Enjoy all-round brand experience support: We design complete solutions to enhance our customers’ brands. We support the passenger experience right from the beginning, for example with pre-order airline meal and airline snack options and virtual products available at booking. Our presence continues during the airport lounge experience, the flight itself (e.g. inflight entertainment and boutique items) and all the way to the destination.
  • Maximize ancillary revenue: Identifying all passenger touchpoints throughout the journey helps us increase the airline operator’s ancillary revenue. Some key aspects we look at are arranging additional services, lodging, car rentals, entertainment, and personalized itineraries.
  • Digital solutions, digital processes: Digitalizing passenger interaction is a valuable way to offer new experiences and a wider choice of products. It also allows us to streamline processes for improved efficiency and consistency.
  • Full-spectrum culinary expertise: Take advantage of our core expertise covering a broad spectrum of culinary services. We can provide anything from convenience food and snacks to fine dining – and we also cater to very specific requirements, such as authentic ethnic meals and special meals accommodating religious or dietary requirements like halal catering.
  • Global network, streamlined logistics: Our global reach and integrated team structure ensure we are able to maintain a high level of consistency and efficiency across our services.

We also specialize in the following sectors:

Convenience Retail

Prepared meals and snacks to delight customers wherever they are.

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