LSG Group’s Commitment to Cage-Free Eggs: Progress and Transparency

As we approach 2025, the LSG Group remains steadfast in our commitment to transitioning to 100% cage-free eggs across our global catering operations network. We recognize the importance of transparency and would like to share the progress we have made so far, as well as our ongoing efforts to achieve this goal.


Progress to Date

We have made significant strides in collecting and analyzing data on our egg sourcing practices at our LSG Sky Chefs locations worldwide. This comprehensive effort allows us to better understand our current usage and identify our suppliers. Here are some key updates:

Region % of cage-free eggs purchased
North America 28%
Latin America 5%
Europe 0%* (no catering operations currently)
Asia Pacific 0%*
EMMA 4%* (e.g. 100% cage-free in Lagos, Nigeria)


APAC: Assumes 0% Cage free because not possible to distinguish Cage Free vs Non-Cage Free

* Data is reported by consumption of eggs, not by spend. Spend does not reflect true consumption as prices fluctuate constantly.

* Pasteurized liquid eggs is not included in the report


Market Research and Supplier Engagement

Our regional procurement teams are conducting extensive market research to identify the availability and pricing of cage-free eggs. In most countries where we have operations in place, we have established alternative supply sources and tentative pricing agreements for cage-free eggs.

For example, in Nigeria, we collaborate with local suppliers like Comart to meet our requirement of 12,000 eggs per month. This significant increase brings us closer to achieving our goal of using nearly 100% cage-free eggs. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of Comart providing liquid pasteurized eggs sourced from cage-free chickens.


Implementation in Procurement Systems

We are integrating cage-free egg items into our procurement order systems to facilitate a smoother transition. This system upgrade is a crucial step towards ensuring we meet our cage-free commitment by 2025.


Looking Ahead

We are dedicated to providing a more detailed update in our first partial reporting at the beginning of 2025. We value the feedback and collaboration from our stakeholders and activists as we continue to work towards a cage-free future.