Why do yourself what others can do better?

Muller, XavierSince LSG Group began providing Columbus Café as part of its catering service on the trains of French operator iDTGV, sales of the popular drink have risen sharply. Columbus is synonymous with high-quality coffee in France, which is why the brand alone is enough of a motivator for passengers to enjoy a welcomed coffee break during their trip.

Columbus Café and LSG Group are experts in their field, and both companies benefit from their cooperation, as well as consumers and passengers. You could say it’s a win-win-win-win situation!

Using the right partners the right way. That is our formula for success. But a number of aspects have to be considered when selecting a partner. It …

  • has to be a familiar brand that the consumer knows and like
  • must have an established infrastructure
  • must be a good fit for LSG Group in terms of corporate culture and value
  • must support our customer’s corporate and brand values

In addition to working with partners in terms of our product offering, we also collaborate with recruitment firms on other projects with respect to service staff. They provide us with highly motivated and well-trained train crews. So, success is assured!

LSG Sky Chefs Blog Train | Xavier Muller in a Train

We also rely on experts when it comes to processes unseen by the train operator or passenger, whether in the area of warehouse management, logistics or IT. Why develop our own infrastructure when experts already have one in place and we can benefit from their expertise?

Choosing and using the right partners is a guarantee of success for LSG Group. This especially applies in a market like train services in which there is strong cost pressure and competition is fierce, particularly in relation to the food and beverages on offer. Naturally, the partner also benefits from this cooperation because it can tap into new markets through us and showcase its brand to the broader public.

Our customers, the train operators, value our approach and how our team manages the entire order. As it is always the case with teams, we can only be successful if we work together. And when the right partners are on board, business booms!

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