You can’t go wrong with coffee, beer and water

I was surprised to find that coffee, beer and water are always top sellers, no matter what time of the day it is.

Luca Schlosser, Manager Train Operations at the LSG Group

As the LSG Group’s Train team, we regularly review the sales figures accordingly to make sure we are getting the right product mix on board the trains we serve.

There are clear preferences in relation to drinks and snacks. Croissants and pretzels sell particularly well in the morning on Deutsche Bahn’s Intercity 2 trains, with cheese flatbreads replacing the croissants in the evenings. Demand for all other products, such as chocolate bars and salami snacks, remains constant throughout the day.

What does this mean to us as caterers for these trains?

On the one hand, we have to give people what they want. This means we have to continue to supply and offer the products passengers are most interested in on board and in sufficient quantities. At the same time, however, we also have to include some new products in our range so that we appeal to passengers who may not have yet decided what they would like when the service crew comes by.

Coffee, beer and water – everyone knows you can get these drinks on board trains. But did you know that we also offer a tapas box with red wine or a soft drink, for example? To draw attention to these non-bestsellers, it is important that we position them well so that passengers will notice and feel like buying them. The sales promotions we run at regular intervals and during seasonal periods also help in this regard.

Even though the top sellers are clear-cut, we all like to be surprised when on the go and treat ourselves to new foods or snacks we might not regularly buy!

Best regards,
Luca Schlosser

Luca Schlosser is Manager Train Operations at the LSG Group with responsibility for the operational side of the train business in Germany.

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