Catering to the needs of airlines and convenience retail.

The LSG Group’s three core markets: Airlines and Convenience Retail.

Focusing on serving the growing needs of people on the go, the LSG Group has enjoyed consistent growth across all business areas for the past several years. As a globalized world opens the door to seemingly limitless opportunities, affordable prices and an innate sense of ‘Wanderlust’ – a desire to explore new places – have led to a boom in travel and the need to consume away from home. The numbers of airline passengers are on the up – as are convenience-retail shoppers. These different groups have two things in common: the need for quality food catering and service experiences right where they are.

We specialize in the following sectors


Serving airlines and delighting passengers all day, every day, all over the world.

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Convenience Retail

Prepared meals and snacks to delight customers wherever they are.

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Innovation, Concept Development and Consulting

Put yourself a step ahead by knowing what your customers want – today and tomorrow.

Satisfying customers means not only knowing what they want but where, when and how they want it as well. At LSG Sky Chefs, we listen to consumers, consult with our customers, carry out market research, and monitor global trends to provide the whole picture.

This picture is different for every company we work with, depending on factors such as the industry, brand positioning, and region. Putting a picture together for our customers means translating ideas into successful concepts.

Let’s work together with a proven methodology

We follow the self-developed approach that we call “The LTCC Process.” We have used it successfully with many of our customers.

LTCC stands for LOOK. THINK. CONNECT. CREATE. It uses known facts and expertise to co-design products and services based on the needs and desires of our customers and their passengers.


Research Phase

We LOOK around the world holistically to gain knowledge of what is moving our industry. We conduct research, trend tracking, consumer behavior evaluation and much more.


Strategic Phase

We THINK like our customers’ brand in order to understand their needs. Equipped with the essential knowledge of a brand, we develop a strategic guideline to design new products and services.


Co-Creation Phase

We CONNECT in collaborative ways – generating added value along the travel chain. We synergize our competences with those of our customers’ in order to jointly develop future-oriented concepts.


Implementation Phase

We CREATE forward-looking solutions for our customers and their passengers. Our goal is to put the right concepts into action for all parties using optimal processes.

Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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