LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs Galley Guide

A system that manages all inflight services with the highest levels of integration, automation and efficiency

Digitalization is a major contributor to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The LSG Group’s IT service platform addresses specific needs in key touchpoints along the travel journey to create individual and seamless travel experiences. At the same time, operational efficiency and sustainability are increased, for example through the use of advanced analytics and waste reduction.

The LSG Group’s IT service platform supports the management of inflight services from flight preparation to post-flight services. It is a holistic planning solution for key airline requirements, from galley and meal planning to the forecast of equipment, catering and retail needs. The system is an independent service offer that allows customers the integration of its current operations, existing modules, and the continuation of the use of other services from external partners. Manual tasks are reduced significantly through automation.

Galley Load Planning and Crew Galley Guide

Galley Load Planning is the perfect tool for optimized loading. It supports the calculation and verification of sufficient storage space, beverage planning according to seat configuration and service concept. The solution avoids weight imbalances, overloading and undetected gaps in the loading. Airlines can profit from cost reduction, fuel savings and paperless operations via state-of-the-art apps and guaranteed product consistency. In addition, Crew Galley Guide assists cabin crews in delivering excellent service. The mobile application displays the actual loading based on aircraft type and passenger numbers, enabling the flight attendants to oversee their galley load.

Menu Planning Design

Our IT solution makes the menu design process smoother, paperless and accurate. The menu and equipment planning application offers caterers and airlines worldwide a platform to discuss and approve menu proposals for their catering, including complimentary catering with pre-order, dynamic and special meals as well as onboard retail concepts.