Enhancing consistency and complementing culinary concepts through data and insights

We strive for data-driven decisions when we identify solutions that will improve consistency as well as cost-efficiency. We constantly analyze administrative tasks by using digitalization to enhance productivity. As a result, employees can focus on value-adding services, unhindered by repetitive and time-consuming activities. We establish global communities to work collaboratively on digital potentials.

By leading by example, we think and behave with agility, customer-centricity and solution-oriented. New digital initiatives support our facilities in becoming smarter and more sustainable. Our digital catering solutions allow precise material planning and digital HACCP-based production.

They help avoid food waste by reviewing and analyzing our client’s feedback. Faster data collection and sharing, coupled with increased transparency makes us gain insights that will help us deliver even better culinary concepts. We maximize efficiency by digitizing entire catering operations and inflight service management, but our solutions stay intuitive and straightforward for end-users. Additionally, we aim to create a global community that works collaboratively on digital potential.